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Sup Worlds,
Today video is about CSR Racing 2 and how to get a lot of keys in CSR 2.
This video will show you how to get silver keys in csr 2?
This video will show you how to get gold keys in CSR 2?
This video will also show you how to get bronze keys in csr 2?
and last but not lease it will show you the best way so save your keys in csr racing 2.
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Thanks Worlds.

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Upgrades 1:09
Tune 1:40
Shifting method 2:50

In this video I will show you how to win every live race you enter. I will also show you how to get your opponent to accept 200K max bets 90% of the time and win millions of dollars in a short amount of time.

Using this method, I have gone on win streaks of 20+ races earning 200K a race and making ,000,000 every 10 minutes give or take depending on how many racers challenge me.

All you need is a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta upgraded with stage 5 tires and transmission, stage 4+ engine, turbo, and stage 3 body and intake.

The tune is the most important part. Tune your car to the highest possible evo score, then go to tires and slide it all the way left to 100 grip and then go to final ride and slide left anywhere from 2.0-2.8.

After you’ve tuned your car, check your dyno then do a test drive and use shifting method I use in the video.

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I wanted to start this just so my viewers could have the option to donate if they would like to. (Completely optional. I appreciate every viewer I have and I’d never beg any of you to give me money.)

Thank you for watching and if you do decide to donate, I just want to say THANK YOU. Even donations mean a lot to me. God Bless!
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The csr2 extreme hack – CSR2 Cheats for cash & gold.

HI, Friends!

So, if u have any question I can help you!

Thank you!
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In this video I open up 9 Bronze, 10 Silver and 2 Gold Crates.

I got three 5* Cars including 2 Camaro Z28 which is the Prestige Car for the Current Season and a Liberty Walk 650S.

I hope that you enjoy this video!
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